Botanical Collection - FOREST MIST - Pewter Glass


Our unique botanical collection use real flowers and leaves in the outer layer of each candle. Eucalyptus and flowers are hand-arranged and encased by a clear gel, creating a lasting decorative candle for your home and living space. 

The center votive includes our hand-poured Toyama- forest mist soy candle (an exquisite blend of evergreens, pewter glass, and mossy undertones). As the center soy candle burns, the outer botanicals are beautifully illuminated, creating an elegant and ethereal glow. Indulge your senses with the scent of the misty forest whilst enjoying the warm light of nature's greenery. 

Center glass votive: 3 oz. glass

Height: 2.5 inches  Diameter: 2.0 inches
The center is reusable and can hold 3 oz candle refills

Candle Size: 9 oz. glass

Height:    3.4 inches
Diameter: 3.2 inches

Each candle is carefully hand-poured in small batches.

Please note that each candle is unique and decorated by hand. Flowers and greenery may appear slightly different than pictured. 

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