Gold Travel Tin - TOYAMA Forest Mist


Tokyn gold travel tins with custom pouch are perfect for jetsetters or those who are looking to enjoy various scents in each room!

MINABE (Yuzu Citrus)
Inspired by the clementines grown in the small town of Minabe, Japan. This delicate citrus scent will transport you to the warm summer days. Includes notes of yuzu, clementine, and white tea. A wonderful aroma perfect for washrooms and bedrooms to keep each room smelling clean & fresh.

TOYAMA (Forest Mist)
Inspired by a walk through the woodsy path in the mountainous region of Toyama, Japan. A blend of evergreens, sandalwood, with mossy undertones will bring the outdoors to your home.

GINZA (Rose Japonica)
Inspired by the romantic, pristine district of Ginza, Japan. Infuse your room with the airy feminine scent of rose japonica featuring soft floral notes with hints of sandalwood and green tea. 

ANJOU (Fig Tree)
Inspired by the figs and pears grown in Anjōu, Japan. This earthy and soothing scent features a blend of subtle sweet fig and musk.

Each soy candle and cotton pouch are hand-poured + hand-sewn and are re-usable. 

Burn time: 30+ hours
Candle Size: 4 oz. gold tin

Height: 1.7 inches
Diameter: 2.5 inches

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